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A Venture By B-School Alumni Members


ISOBEX offers information technology services in a variety of verticals like manufacturing, financial, capital market etc 

Our technologist ("Techno Savvy") and management team ("The Chargers") also help universities and colleges to develop syllabus and course content for future technologist and industry leaders 

Consulting & Advisory

Irrespective of size, every business face challenges either in technology or management. ISOBEX offers unique information technology & digitization consulting for improving profitability and, on the other hand, extend the offer with CEO, CIO, and CFO advisory services to a variety of industry.

Business Health Check is a tool developed by ISOBEX to know the good and bad symptoms of the business.

Quality Assurance framework for IT project is also launched in mid of 2019.

CEO Services      CIO Services

Cloud Computing

ISOBEX helps businesses looking for a need in IT to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. 

Our consulting and implementation services includes Advanced cloud architecture, Cloud security, Storage & fault tolerance strategies, Data-Intensive Technologies for Cloud Computing

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Data Transformation

Data transformation is very important before proceeding for data analytics and business analytics. 

Our team is capable to extract the data from sources like database,  log files from web applications, telemetry from devices, etc.  We aggregate the data, convert it into the right format or structure before sending it to the target data store. This target might be a database or a data warehouse that handles structured or unstructured data

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Course Development

ISOBEX offers this service to new universities and colleges. We help to develop course content, training to the teachers/lecturers and delivery to the students.

We are specialized in course development in advance Information Technology and Management related topics. Our content includes relevant and real case studies and uses cases

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a modern way of decision making.

ISOBEX combines business domain knowledge of financial services, capital market, manufacturing with expertise in quantitative modeling, analytics, decision management and marketing analytics, demand analytics to build practical solutions.

Our "Techno Savvy" and "The chargers" works as a perfect combination for business analytics.

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Training & Coaching

"The Techno Savvy" & "The Chargers" both the group of ISOBEX love to teach and guide young leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs. 

We offer corporate training, workshops, open house training, coaching to entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Our AWS certification training course and management training are more popular in the market.


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